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Established in 2016, Lonesome Dog Studios is a private members club boutique commercial project recording studio, based in-between New Malden (South-West London) and Kingston (Surrey).

It is a multi-purpose creative space, offering recording, song production, mixing, dry hire, rehearsal space (with PA / backline), as well as podcast audio / visual facilities.

The studio is decorated in bohemian pinks, purple and reds, for a true disconnect from the stresses of everyday life.
The angled ceilings stretch to 7m high, giving the main room a spacious, airy feeling of freedom as the natural light pours in from the studio’s large windows.

There is also a purpose-build open-plan kitchenette – because as we all know, being hangry leads to sub-par recordings – and up the spiral staircase is the first floor mezzanine.

Here there is a chill-out lounge which leads to their pride and joy: an 8m² isolated recording booth with varied ambient lighting to suit all moods.

Looking out over the control room you’ll feel like you’re flying on a magic carpet over a psychedelic Saharan desert while recording your next hit.

We have the space, instruments and industry standard analog gear to make your next big record with.

Analog Gear List

• Universal Audio Apollo x16 TB3 Interface
• Universal Audio Apollo x8p TB3 Interface
• PMC Two Two 8 Monitors • Yamaha NS10s Monitors
• 2x Neve 1073 Pres with EQ • 2x Heritage 73 Pres
• 4 x SSL VHD Pres • 8x UA Apollo Pres
• SSL X-Rack with 2x Silver EQ/DYN + 1x Black EQ/DYN
• UA 1176 Compressor
• UA LA-2A Compressor (with Original 1960s UTC-10 Output Transformer)
• 2x Empirical Labs Distressor EL8x Compressor
• SSL Fusion Stereo Bus Processor
• SSL G-Comp 500 Mkiii Bus Compressor

Mic / Instrument List

• 2 x Neumann U87 Ai Condensor Mics (Matched Pair)
• 2 x Coles 4038 Ribbon Mics (Matched Pair)
• 4 x SM7bs • 4 x SM58s • 2 x SM57s • Rode NTG3 Pencil • Rode NTG4 Pencil
• AKG D112 Kick Mic • NS-10 Cone Reversed Custom Built Sub Kick Mic
• Nord Stage 3 Electric Keyboard / Midi / Synth
• Fender Telecaster, Fender P-Bass, Seagull Acoustic Guitar, Esteve Spanish Guitar
• Yamaha Drum Kit + House Cymbals

PA Equipment list

• 2 x Yamaha DBR12 12″ Active Speaker (1000W Each)
• 1 x Yamaha DHR12M Active Floor Wedge Monitor (1000W)
• 1 x Laney CXP-110 Active Floor Wedge Monitor
• Yamaha MG10 8 Channel Mixer
• 4 x SM58 Microphones with Stands

Backline Gear List

• Yamaha Drum Kit
• House Cymbals and Snare
• Marshall JCM 2000 Head + Marshall 1960a 4 x 12 Cab
• Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp
• Ashdown Electric Blue EB 12-180 EVO II Bass Amp

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