First and foremost, we love music. We have dedicated our lives to our passion.

We specialise in singer/songwriters, rap/hip hop, indie/rock bands and electronic/dance music.

Check out our portfolio to get a taste of stuff we have worked on recently!


• Vocal Recording (via our 8m² recording booth)
• 25m² control / live room
• Instrument Tracking (DI, Acoustic and Amp)
• Drum Tracking (full drum mic setup including room mics
• Voice Over Artist Recording
• Zero Latency UAD Auto-Tune
• Warm and Punchy Analog Vocals
• Lonesome Dog special sauce on your music that cannot be explained by science


• Traditional Record Producing
• Beat / Instrumental Production
• Electronic Music Production
Add. Production / Comping / Vocal Tuning / Drum Editing / Re-Amping etc.
• Song Writing / Additional Writing and Arrangements
• All our Engineer/Producers are multi-instrumentalists and can contribute piano, keys, synth, guitar and bass to your music


• Online Remote Mixing
• Reel to Reel Tape Processing options for warm analog finish and smoothing of digital harshness
• Online Remote Mastering
• Stem Mastering
• Radio/Broadcast/Streaming Standard Ready 24 bit premasters / 16 bit Masters