Drum Tracking

Our recording studio doubles as a drum tracking room.

Great Drum Sound

We position the drums under the normal ceilings, grabbing a tighter sound, and then use room mics at the back to capture the big boomy sound, as our ceilings go up to 7meters high!

Multi-Mic Setup

Over the years, we have developed our preferred drum mic setup to achieve the best sound out of the space. We use a mixture of close and room mics, allowing versatility in the mix.

Experienced Engineer

All drum tracking sessions are with our senior engineer. A great drum sound is arguably one of the hardest things to achieve, and thus experience is paramount, and we will certainly give you it.

Analog Love

We run our drum mics through a mixture of hardware analog preamps, using a combination of more coloured tones from transformers, as well as clean discreet signal paths.