the studio

London’s funkiest 
boutique recording studio.

Our 25m² control / live room is decorated in bohemian pinks, purple and reds, for a true disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. Lie back on the leather sofas and take your pick of our selection of guitars on the wall, dimly lit by the Turkish light fittings.

The angled ceilings stretch to 7m high, giving the main room a spacious, airy feeling of freedom as the natural light pours in from the studio’s large windows.  

We have a purpose-build open-plan kitchenette – because as we all know, being hangry leads to sub-par recordings – and up the spiral staircase is the first floor mezzanine. Here we have a shisha bar-style lounge which leads to our pride and joy: an 8m² isolated recording booth with varied ambient lighting to suit all moods. Looking out over the control room you’ll feel like you’re flying on a magic carpet over a psychedelic Saharan desert while recording your next hit.

This is a place that fuels inspiration and sparks creativity through its decor and palpable ‘otherness’. Good things happen here, and you’ll feel it the minute you walk in.


• Mac Pro 2013 Trashcan 3 GHZ 10 Core 64gb Ram Dual 2GB GFX Card
• 27″ Apple LED Cinema Display mirrored to a Sony Bravia 36″ Flatscreen TV


• PMC Two Two 8s
•  Yamaha MSP5s
• 2 x Beyerdynamic DT-100 Headphones
• Beyerdynamic DT250 Headphones


  Universal Audio Apollo x8p
 – 8 channels with Unison preamps and large selection of UAD plugins.
 • Prism Atlas with 8 preamps


• SSL Matrix Analog Console
2 x Heritage Audio 1073 Preamps
• UA Teletronix LA-2A Compressor
• Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor


• x2 Neumann U87ai Matched Pair Condenser Mics
• Shure SM7b
• Selection of Drum Mics


• Selection of Guitars
• Selection of Amps

• Roland RD 700 Analog Keyboard
• Arturia Keylab 88 Midi Keyboard
• Korg MS-20 Mini Synth

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