Dry Hire

We can offer our studio in a Dry Hire capacity to our clients.

Dry Hire

We offer 8 or 12 hour Dry Hire slots. You can book the studio without an engineer.
We can also offer part-engineering, where we can help setup mics (i.e in a Drum Recording session) and get the right sound, before leaving you to push your musical boundaries. 

Plug n Play

Our studio backbone is the Universal Audio Apollo x8p Interface. It works via Thunderbolt 3 (or TB2 with an adapter we provide), and you can connect directly to your laptop. You are also welcome to use our Mac Pro 6.1.

We can help set you up with a vocal chain connected to our recording booth upstairs.

Mi Casa, Su Casa

You are more than welcome to use our selection of microphones, guitars, keyboards, amps and random instruments we have lying around the studio at any time.

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